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Stainless Steel Modular Kitchens are always great to look. If you are striving to find out the best designs for stainless steel modular kitchens? Then have a look at our professional 3D views of stainless steel modular cabinets. Here you can find all types of modular kitchen cabinets & designs. Pick the best one you love and we’ll start working on that to get the best output you love.

Base Cabinet

Base Cabinet

JUMBO Stainless Steel 304 Base Cabinets are suitable for all kinds of kitchen work-zones. The cabinets are a storage staple in every home. These modules integrate seamlessly with all types of worktops/platforms and accessories.

Corner Cabinet - Jumbo Kitchens

Corner Cabinet

JUMBO Stainless Steel 304 Corner Cabinets ensure the optimal use of corner spaces. These stainless steel modules integrate seamlessly with all other modules and worktops/platforms
& accessories.

Skin Hob Cabinet

Sink & Hob Cabinet

Jumbo Stainless Steel 304 Sink & Hob Cabinet are suitable for both cooking & cleaning zones of your kitchen. A kitchen sink cabinet is essentially a modified standard base cabinet without any shelves or drawers.

Tall Cabinet

Tall Cabinet

Tall Cabinet: Jumbo’s Stainless Steel 304 Tall Cabinet is the most efficient way of adding precious space to your kitchen. These stainless steel modules can be easily customized to have shelves of different heights to keep bulk quantities of food groceries in an organized way.

Vanity Cabinet

Vanity Cabinet

Design your bathroom vanity set uniquely yours with Jumbo Stainless Steel 304. Customize it with the style, size, colors and options you want. Imagine a wonderful cabinet suspended on walls, with Italian Brackets, in your wash/bathrooms.

Wall Cabinet 3D View

Wall Cabinet

Installing Jumbo Stainless Steel 304 Wall cabinets frees up counter space, adds additional storage space and improves the look and functionality of your kitchen. Wall Cabinet is excellent for storing groceries and other non-consumables in your kitchen.

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